Tayock Park & Holiday Homes
Brechin Road
DD10 9LE

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Residential Park Home ownership is restricted to retired or semi retired people, aged 55 or older.

When you purchase a Residential Park Home or Holiday Home you own the home, but you do not own the land on which is stands, therefore a ground rent is payable to the site owner.

Council tax is payable direct to the local council for Residential Park Homes, and is payable to the site owner for Holiday Homes. All water and sewerage charges are included in the cost of ground rent.

Electricity charges are due to the site owner as are Calor Gas charges for Holiday Homes.

Residential Park Homes are connected to mains gas and payment is direct to the Gas Company.

Telephone connection and TV aerials are the responsibility of the home owner.

Residential Park Home owners are permitted to keep one cat and one dog. No other pets are allowed. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times within the Park boundaries.

Maintenance of your Park or Holiday Home is your responsibility. Park Home owners should keep their gardens neat and tidy.